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 Picinich Youth Sports believes that all children should have the opportunity to experience sports in a safe and fun manner. We teach every child how to improve their game regardless of their playing level.  We teach our players and coaches the values of dedication, perseverance, tolerance, sportsmanship and teamwork while competing on the ice.  All children are welcome to play in our sports program. Picinich Youth Sports was created in 2015. We created this program to make sure players had a place to learn, develop, and be a part of a team. Our program stands by the statement "Hockey is for everyone." 

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Teams Offered

Currently we are only offering teams for Youth Ice Hockey; Spring League , Summer League , College Developmental League, Tournament Teams.

Looking to expand to other youth sports in the near future.

We Fight Against Cancer

In April of 2021 we were shocked to hear news that my dad; Donald was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. After a 16 month fight; at 58 he passed away on August 14. 2022. We dedicate each season to him and We honor him by having his name and ribbon on our sleeves. As a club we donate to the Lustgarten Foundation to combat Pancreatic Cancer. I am hopeful one day we can destroy this horrible cancer. Donald always served the community, in the US Navy, as a Bergen County Sheriffs Officer, a youth coach and volunteer, he always coached with the belief that all kids regardless of skill deserve to play. 

Player Expectations & Positional Breakdown

Click the Links Below to see Player Breakdowns and Expectations.

Offensive Breakdown

Defensive Breakdown

Player Expectations

Important Web Links

Lustgarten Foundation Cancer Research

USA Hockey

Montclair State Ice Arena

Ice Vault Ice Arena

Fritz Dietl Ice Rink

Sport O Rama

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